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Be yourself

Feel natura

We chose the name Airial because it means a picture-like grassy field with oak or pine trees in front of typical farmhouses in rural France. While we originated in Vancouver, Canada, we are in the world's most breathtaking city where pastoral nature meets the Pacific Ocean.

Airial's first project was launched by a Canadian apparel craftsman who had been dreaming about making clothes for more than 40 years and finally this was made possible at his small factory in Richmond in 1997.

We feel that it is our mission to select perfect pieces that we design instead of producing too many designs each season. Our vision is to help people find true beauty by making high quality clothing. We believe that true beauty is "being yourself, feeling nature".



All of Airial's clothes are still designed and produced in Vancouver today and we hope that everyone who wears our clothes can live a more natural and comfortable life. We also travel to Asia and Europe to find the highest quality fabrics and materials. All of our products are customized with patterns that are designed for ease and comfort.

Be yourself and feel natural with Airial.

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